False bomb alarm near Kapelanka in Kraków

On 17 February, police received a false report about a bomb planted under the office block on Kapelanka Street in Kraków, informs Gazeta Krakowska.

On Monday, 17 February at 6 a.m., police in Kraków received a report that explosives were planted on Kapelanka 42 Street, where Skanska is building a new office complex. Pyrotechnists and guides with dogs trained in detecting explosives were sent to this place, said Katarzyna Cisło, the press team of police in Lesser Poland.


The search for the explosives was brought to an end by the police, fire department and other emergency services on 9 a.m. The alarm turned out to be false. According to Gazeta Krakowska, police is currently looking for the person who caused this commotion. The perpetrator of this kind of crime can face up to 8 years in prison.


Due to the alarm and the actions of the police, drivers experience huge traffic inconveniences.


The new office complex on Kapelanka will offer 30 000 sq. m and will be put into use in the third quarter this year. The offices in the building will be taken up by such companies as Tesco, Apriso and local branches of Skanska.

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