Office investment worth more than 25.6 million zloty grows in Poznań

UBIQ Business Park in Poznań
Poznań office complex UBIQ Business Park, which is currently under construction, will be located in the former barracks of the 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment.

At the intersection of Grunwaldzkiej, Wojskowej and Ułańskiej Streets, a modern office and service complex is being built, the investor of which is the studio CDF Architekci. The general contractor of the investment, worth over 25.6 million zloty net, is Skanska S.A. Reinforced - concrete construction has just started on the construction site.


Complex UBIQ Business Park consists of three buildings and is built on the area of former barracks, where in the interwar period was located, among others, 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment. The first building of the complex is the historic officers’ casino, which, after restoration, will turn into a modern office and service building with its own restaurant with a summer terrace. The building B will be an office block with underground park place for 40 vehicles. The third building, however, is to function as a cultural venue, where conferences, exhibitions and multimedia shows will be held.


The total area of the complex will amount to about 6000 sq. m. Construction works started in mid-January this year, said Przemysław Kubaś, site manager, Skanska. We started from the building B. So far, we have made the excavation for the investment and began reinforced - concrete construction. Currently we are working on the foundation, walls and pillars in the basement. In the near future, we will continue to work on reinforced - concrete construction in the building B, we will also begin the renovation works in the building A. The investment will be completed in the first quarter of 2015.


Buildings B and C are built from scratch, while the building A will be constructed on the basis of the existing one, namely, the officers’ casino. The barracks were built in 1890s., and after the IWW the 7th Pułk Strzelców Konnych (Mounted Rifle Regiment), in the interwar period - 15th Poznań Uhlans Regiment, and from 1939 to 1965 - tank battalion were stationed there. In the 1960s., a kindergarten was opened in the former casino.


The building will be renovated and adapted for the needs of the buildings in the complex UBIQ Business Park. It will undergo many renovation works. These include, among others: chemical cleansing of historical clinker brick, sometimes even manual cleaning of face, filling the cavities and rabbet ledges, disinfection, unification of the wall colour, explained Maciej Cholewa, Project Manager, Skanska. Due to the historic nature of the building, all renovation works must be done with extreme precision and meticulousness. These construction works will be undertaken under close supervision of the Historic Preservation Officer, he added.

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