The construction of the new headquarters of PSG is finished

The new headquarters of PSG in Warsaw
The construction works of the office block located on Kruczkowskiego 2 Street in Warsaw are completed.

In accordance with the schedule, the construction works of office-service-residential complex on Kruczowskiego Street, made by Powiśle Park sp. z o.o., have been completed. The investment was issued a legally valid occupancy permit. The construction works acceptance from the general constructor, Budimex S.A., shall take place before the end of March this year.


Within the frames of the complex, A class office building was built, which will be the headquarters of Polska Spółka Gazownictwa sp. z o.o. (PSG) and five apartment buildings NA POWIŚLU.


The office block, thanks to its shape and elevation, made of granite slabs placed vertically, brings to mind a gas burner. It is located at the intersection of Kruczkowskiego and Ludna Street, on the area which belongs to Warsaw gas industry for 150 years. On seven floors above ground there are office and service rooms, whereas on the three underground ones - parking places. In total, the building offers about 25 000 sq. m of usable area, including 6 813 sq. m of offices. On the ground floor of the new headquarters of PSG, there will be customer service points, while on the first floor there is a conference centre, which has rooms for 200 people and 20 people. From the side of the square separating the building from the apartment part, there is a place for a restaurant, which, apart from servicing outside customers will also provide catering for the conference centre.


In the project, modern air conditioning solutions were installed, as well as power supply based on gas trigeneration and BMS management system.


The building was designed by the studio Kuryłowicz & Associates. The main designer was Prof. Stefan Kuryłowicz and then Prof. Ewa Kuryłowicz and architect Marcin Goncikowski. The Engineer is Grontmij Polska Sp. z o.o.

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Anonymous :
Spółka buduje sobie siedzibę dla 4 prezesów, 14 dyrektorów departamentów i 38 kierowników biur, 400 pracowników ,wszyscy z odpowiednio wysokimi pensjami a w byłych spólkach gazownictwa zwalnia sie 1200 osób.Czyzby się dalo sie eksploatować przez małokompetentne biurwy?
March 24, 2014 at 6:58 AM