Cushman & Wakefield announces the results for 2013

The company's gross revenue for the preceding financial year increased by 21.9% compared to 2012 and totaled a record-breaking 2498.6 million USD.

According to Cushman & Wakefield, adjusted income of the owners of the parent company increased by 60.4% to the amount of 46.2 million USD in comparison to 28.8 million USD in 2012. The majority shareholder of the company is the investment company of the Agnelli family, EXOR S.p.A.


In 2013, there was the increase in the company’s income from commissions and from remuneration for services rendered (by 13.2 per cent) as well as income from commissions and remuneration for services rendered in the Solutions for the Investors and Corporate Tenants department (by 24.1 per cent).


The volume of commercial space managed by the company reached a record-breaking level of over 98 million sq. m. The company also boasts the increase in the income in the Valuation and Advisory department and the Capital Market department.


In the second half of 2014, we recorded the increase in the investment demand thanks to the greatest rate of the recovery of the world economy. Increasing capital flow and increasingly better economic data translated into good results of the real estate sector and growth of investments. We expect a significant recovery on investment markets in the coming year, which will be in part caused by the fast increase in assets and the activity of state property funds, commented Edward C. Forst, the president and general manager of the company Cushman & Wakefield, adding that the company recorded the highest gross income in its history.


High income and profit positively contributed to the balance of the company. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the company's net debt decreased by 91 million USD to the amount of 8.6 million USD (as at the date 31 December 2013).

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