Getting closer to the Centre Marszalkowska

Investor BBI has started cleaning works aimed at preparing the shopping center Sesame for demolition. In its place able to Downing Centre.

Preparation for demolition envisages arrangement of the building, securing electrical cables and sewer water. At the next stage, the investor will start right demolition. According to preliminary plans, it will take until early next year, it will begin construction Downing Centre. The facility will be completing after approx. two years.

The complex was the first in the capital will be directly connected to the subway - will be led by the output from the Swietokrzyska station in the direction of Eastern Wall.

The investment project has been developed by the Office Juvenes-project, belonging to the BBI Development SA. Building in terms of architecture will be referringto the former department store, so that will be set in the nature of other buildings along the street Marszalkowska. Above the entrance will be former neon Sesame, and mosaics adorn the interior of the object.

Over 40-meter office building will offer approximately 13 800 sqm. retail space and office space. On the ground floor and the first floor will be located underground shops on the lower floors underground - parking with 106 parking spaces, and office space will occupy the remaining floors.

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