What does an employee expect?

The Mikomax Smart Office company conducted a survey in centers of an advanced business service in Poland and Romania. What conclusions? Only 26 per cent of employees in Poland and 37,1 per cent of employees in Romania are satisfied with their workplaces.

Healthier employees

Among those who are hired in companies of a modern business service sector, 94 per cent of employees in Poland and 77 per cent in Romania complain about the lack of support from the company in increasing their effectiveness of work. Meanwhile, as Mikomax Smart Office experts convince, company management should show concern for appropriate work conditions of a personnel, without which it is not able to achieve intended successes. The guarantee of convenient work conditions has an influence on employees’ engagement thus reducing a rotation of people hired in the company. The amount of employees who take a medical sick leave also decreases.

Analyses of the PwC company showed that the rate of a sick leave places itself on the level of 5 per cent in Poland and it is comparable with results in Europe or USA, where it amounts to 3-4 per cent. The high level of absences in work entails great costs incurred by companies, that is i.a. a premium for replacements, overtime realized by people who are not on a leave sick and administrative costs of servicing the leave. Appropriate adjustment of an environment and work mode to employees’ needs may decrease these rates in a meaningful manner – explains Olga Kortbeek, HR Manager in Shell Business Service Centre Cracow.

Organization and look of the office are important for employees who are hired in the outsourcing industry. Over a half of employed in Poland indicated a comfortable armchair and desk. If they are ill-assorted, they result in taking an appropriate position of sitting during long-hour work and consequently they lead to injuries which force the employees to a temporal abstention because of a sick leave.

An employer who cares for a comfort and health of his personnel should also provide an access to a daylight (65 per cent of people hired in Poland indicated it) as well as show concern for an air quality (according to 45 per cent of Polish employees). Wrong lighting may cause tiredness and result in greater amount of making mistakes during performing tasks. Therefore, companies should take care of rooms’ fitting in a high quality equipment – says Ewa Zwardoń, CEE Segment Marketing Manager, Philips Lighting. According to World Green Building Council surveys entitled “The Business Case for Green Building”, better lighting may increase the efficiency by 23 per cent – adds.

Not only a material aspect

In accordance with Mikomax Smart Office survey, for employees who are hired in a modern business service sector, physical work conditions are important as well as an employer’s care of people’s development. From the age group to 26, Polish workers pointed out that in a place of employment an important factor is the possibility of learning from others (83 per cent), individually (78 per cent) but also a creative work in a group (65 per cent), relaxation (59 per cent) and possibility of a creative thinking (for 58 per cent).

Work not only in an office

96,8 per cent of people hired in Polish and Romanian service centres work stationary, 2,7 per cent of respondents are mobile, and only 0,5 per cent perform their tasks remotely. Although a trend of working outside an office is entering on the Polish market progressively, stationary work still remains better perceived by both employees and personnel. It facilitates the managers to keep control over carried out projects whereas it provides a direct contact and possibility of supporting the whole team to employers. A progressive technological development gives even better possibilities in controlling employees who perform tasks outside an office. An effective management of travelling employees provides solutions from the area of GPS monitoring.

The introduction of GPS monitoring brings a number of benefits to a company in the area of management. The knowledge, which is provided by GPS monitoring, may be a source of very positive changes in a company, which increases its effectiveness of field activities and optimizes costs related to activeness of employees. However, it is worth to remember that by the same reasons the implementation of this system may be received negatively by personnel. Therefore, operations should be well prepared and thoughtful, according to the regulations, and supported by an active communication aimed at employees, explaining reasons of changes and benefits from implementation of GPS monitoring for companies and themselves – explains Bartłomiej Dębski, chairman of the board of Cartrack Poland.

The Mikomax Smart Office survey has been conducted among companies of a modern business service sector in Poland and Romania in 2013 and 2014. Answers were given by 993 employees from 23 SSC centres, R&D, BPO, ITO and KPO in the age bracket of 26-35 and 36-45.

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