New Central Office of Kaufland in Poland

Kaufland Poland Central Office in Wrocław
Kaufland Poland Central Office in Wrocław
A ceremony of building in a foundation stone and filling a Foundation Act concerning the building of Central Office of Kaufland Poland will be held on Monday 29th September.

A modern Kaufland office will arise at the crossroads of Ziębicka Street and Armia Krajowa Avenue in Wrocław. The general contractor of the investment is Mirbud SA partnership from Skierniewice, whereas the design works were prepared by RB Projekt office. The basic elements of the building's solid are supposed to reflect directions of crossroads concerning external roads. The elevations will run through Armia Krajowa Avenue, where a main entrance to the Central Office and Ziębicka Street will be located. The facade of the building will be decorated with horizontal strips of aluminium windows and between-window strips covered with paneling. 


 A 7-tier building of the Central Office will offer 14 000 sq. m of usable area and aboveground car park with 400 parking places. The realization of the investment will finish in autumn in 2015.


Kaufland chain has been present on the Polish market since 2001. Currently, there are nearly 180 shops which function on the area of the whole Poland. Moreover, 15 000 people managed to find a job thanks to them. Kaufland has a wide range of groceries, manufactures and household chemistry articles in its offer. The great part of them comes from regional producers from Poland.

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