Modern offices in Ksawery Branicki tenement house

Tenement house at Smolna Street, pic
A historic building will be developed into a modern office class A+, pic
Budizol company has just started renovation and building works in a tenement house located at Smolna 40 Street in Warsaw.

A historic building with total area of 8500 sq. m will be developed into a modern office class A+. The investment, which is being realized by Budizol Sp. z o.o. Property S.K.A., was financed from means within JESSICA initiative through Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.


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A historic tenement house was built in the years 1901-1903 at the request of earl Ksawery Branicki and it is one of five tenements houses of the author Bronisław Brochowicz-Rogoyski, which were founded at the initiative of Branicki family at Smolna Street. During the Second World War in 1944, the building was bombed and partially burnt. It was rebuilt in the 70s and it has not been renovated since then. 


The tenement house is located in the neighborhood of Charles de Gaulle traffic circle and Nowy Świat Street. The revitalization and development project was devised by Kulczyński Architekt Sp. z o.o. studio. Moreover, the general contractor is Budizol Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. company, whereas the investor – Budizol Sp. z o.o. Property S.K.A. partnership with a registered office in Włocławek. The commercialization of the building was entrusted to JLL company.


The completion of works is envisaged on the end of 2016.

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