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Facebook is working on the Internet service exclusively intended for companies. Will it manage to convince entrepreneurs to that idea?

Some settled technological devices in companies, such as electronic mail, Google tools or Microsoft Office package, have more and more new services which facilitate work. In offices there are devices intended for conducting chats, programs enabling common edition of documents or internal social networks. Facebook is entering the play for a business client. It announced the introduction of a new platform – Facebook at work – a special version of a popular social network intended for offices.


The new website will allow employees to conduct conversations and common edition of documents as well as sharing with them in real time. The service will visually and functionally resemble an original version – it will be composed of a channel transmitting information from other users, it will allow to create social groups and have a personal profile. However, it will include only professional issues – for instance, the Internet users will not be able to add personal photos or funny films. Moreover, there will be no advertisements on the portal! The strict rules are to help users in dividing personal issues from views and occupation matters in order to focus only on work during using the service.  


Facebook at work is already used inside the concern and soon its tests will start in external companies. Initially, the service was supposed to be free. Undoubtedly, it is related to a great competitiveness on the market – among products which were tested by entrepreneurs there are such platforms as LinkedIn, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook or Yammer, used to internal communication in companies and organizations.


Furthermore, in order Facebook at work would be an integral part of the office life, its authors will have to gain trust among entrepreneurs who expect some guarantee of safety and… productivity of employees.

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