Now you can invest in Facebook!

The world most popular social network, gathering millions of people has finally debuted on stock exchange. You could hear about Zuckenberg’s attempt to enter the stock exchange last year, however the suspicions have been confirmed quite recently.

Stock exchange debut of the social network giant has moved the world. The value of Facebook has been estimated to be worth over 100 billion dollars after it had entered the market. American media speculate that entering the stock exchange by Facebook will make Mark Zuckenberg one of the wealthiest people in the world.  From now on he will be in possession of just 60% of all stocks of Facebook.
It is not surprising that that the interest in Facebook stocks is very high, which will cause the their value to be changed multiple times in the future. It is commonly known that those employees who own stocks are already millionaires. In case of increase of FB stocks value the growth of number of billionaires would be the biggest in history.

Zuckenberg’s company may overshadow other companies that debut on stock market such as Google.  The optimists predict success as great as the second best result in history. So far the leader is Visa Inc. which entered the market in 2008. As the analysis show Facebook is now worth more than Disney, Kraft and Volkswagen. Such valuation arose certain sense of surprise and consequently caused speculations concerning revaluation of the company. Some media as ‘Wall Street Journal’ and ‘Fortune’ suggest that Facebook may even disappear from the market in case of failure. Brokers claim that this scenario simply  is not possible however the website brings considerably smaller income compared to the previous quarter. It is caused by the growing popularity in India and Brazil where the local companies are not yet convinced of the paid advertisement on social network websites.

Despite all this the prognosis for the future are very optimistic which does not mean there is no controversy about it. As it is commonly known social network websites depend on the behavior of the users, which mean that the position of Facebook on the market will always be uncertain. A good example in Poland would be ‘NaszaKlasa’ which lost its popularity and many of its fans. There is one thing we know for sure: the 18th of May 2012 will become a very important day for the history of the Internet.

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Kamil :
Ja nigdy nie byłem jakimś zwolennikiem portali społecznościowych. W przypadku facebooka giełda to kompletna klapa, nie ma żadnych zysków z reklam i w sumie to zrozumiałe, nikt nie chce oglądać tam banerów - to raczej miejsce gdzie ludzie spotykają się online żeby poplotkować...zdecydowane przewartościowanie!
May 24, 2012 at 9:32 AM
Mila :
Dzień 18 maja zapisał się w historii internetu niepowodzeniem, a wartość Facebooka okazała się przeszacowana.
May 23, 2012 at 7:43 PM