Qumak finishes Małopolska Information Technology Park

Małopolska Information Technology Park, source: mpti.krakow.pl
Małopolska Information Technology Park, source: mpti.krakow.pl
Qumak SA enterprise will finalize the building of Małopolska Information Technology Park – that is IT park located in Cracow – Pychowice.

The contract concluded between Warbud SA company, a general contractor, and Qumak partnership amounts to 7,9 million zlotys net. The agreement envisages that the integration partnership will finish and launch electrical and audiovisual installations and perform advanced BMS banking automatic control till 15th May. It will result in installation of i.a. power supply for data center, de-smoking and dry fire stifling systems, burglary signalizations or industrial TV.


The finishing of Małopolska Information Technology Park is a very ambitious enterprise due to scope of order with a general contractor. However, we decided to undertake it not only because of our rich experience in realization of technologically advanced projects. Qumak has been starting its journey with IT 30 years ago by taking its first steps on the new Polish ICT market. Today we may help young IT companies as well as dynamically developing start-ups in order to modernize and computerize Poland – comments Tomasz Sajdyk, Director for Sales in Public Commercial Department, Qumak SA.  


Moreover, the finishing of investment concerning Małopolska Information Technology Park is not a first project which is being realized for Cracow Technology Park by Qumak. The offer of the company was chosen in the proceeding for design and performance of L@B Gallery interactive exhibition space in December 2014. It will be a place encouraging to creative work and conducting sale presentations with the usage of interactive stalls. Additionally, L@B Gallery will perform a function of relaxation zone for companies located in MPTI building.


Małopolska Information Technology Park (MITP) will become a platform gathering enterprises, research units, local institutions allowing to effective solution and testing new technological projects. 12 000 sq. m which are located in the building will be intended for headquarters and support for small and medium IT companies.


Qumak is the biggest Polish integrator in technological and IT area. It has been functioning for over 30 years on the market. The stock exchange company offers IT and infrastructural solutions for a private and public sector, i.a.: advanced systems intended for management of big organizations, intelligent and eco-friendly structures, modern expositional centers, intelligent transport systems as well as infrastructure in airports and landing fields for helicopters. From the half of 2014, Qumak became a member of the capital group, in which there are two other dependent partnerships – Start ITS and Skylar.

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