Winnicki company takes care of aesthetics in Dworzec Centralny

Visualization of a renewed hall in Dworzec Centralny, author: SUD Architekt Polska Sp. z o.o.
The works related to realization of the investment will start at the turn of February and March, author: SUD Architekt Polska Sp. z o.o.
The Polish State Railways SA is going to start another investment in Dworzec Centralny. It will be realized by Winnicki Sp. z o.o. company.

At the end of the year, the travelers may be surprised by a new arrangement of a main hall in Dworzec Główny – there will be new commercial locals realized in place of existing glass cubics. Moreover, there will be also an entresol to which one may get to by escalator from „0” level. Thanks to them, people who wait for a train will have additional area to relax. Furthermore, the western gallery, which has not been renovated yet, and part of the northern gallery will be changed – they will be adjusted to other underground galleries and locals located in the western gallery will be transferred on one side which will allow to gain larger space in underground passages.


Structures like Dworzec Centralny require a cyclical adjustment to changing needs of passengers. Over 60 thousand people benefit from the railway station every day – explains Jarosław Bator, member of the board in Polish State Railways SA. – We want the building to be more functional and friendly. Therefore, we came up with this idea concerning a new development of area in the main hall. 


The works related to realization of the investment will start at the turn of February and March and finish in the fourth quarter of the current year. A detailed program will be known after signing of a contract with a selected company. The cost of this enterprise will amount to 19,5 million zlotys.


At the same time, the contractor will realize works related to installation of a heating system in the main hall. The Polish State Railways declares that it will do everything in its power in order to make all investment works less inconvenient for passengers. Moreover, proper signs situated on the area of the structure will inform about a planned change in the traffic organization and mobile informers will be also helpful to travelers.


It is worth reminding that works related to a thermal isolation of a flat floor and change of stairs as well as moving ramps in the eastern gallery of the building are being carried out. Both investments will be completed in the first quarter of the current year.  

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