Another Warsaw investment managed by Hines

Domaniewska 32
Domaniewska 32
The group of properties managed by Hines was extended by a new investment of Kronos Real Estate partnership which is located at Domaniewska 32 Street in Warsaw.

The owner of the building class A located at the crossroads of Domaniewska and Pęchowska Streets in Mokotów district is Kronos Real Estate. The structure offers over 16 400 sq. m of office area and 1400 sq. m intended for commercial and service activity. The tenants of the investment are i.a. partnerships from Nestle and Warbud groups. At present, the finishing works are being conducted in the building. Moreover, Domaniewska 32 structure was commissioned in January 2015.


Hines Poland manages nearly 83 000 sq. m of office and logistic areas in Poland. Except for developing of investment and developer activity, we are consequently enhancing the position of Hines Poland in the area of property management and asset management – says Chairman of the Board in Hines Poland, that is Mieczysław Godzisz.


Moreover, the company also manages Ambassador and Sky Office Center office buildings which are located at Rzymowski Street in Warsaw Mokotów district – both investments are purchased by Hines Poland for Hines Poland Sustainable Poland. In 2013, the company also purchased New City complex at Marynarska Street (purchase of Hines Poland for Hines Global REIT).  


Hines is one of the biggest companies functioning on the global real estate market. At present, it manages 402 properties with the total area of nearly 16 million sq. m. 

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