ECO Volvo finished its investment

Volvo office in Wrocław, source:
Volvo office in Wrocław, source:
Volvo Poland company officially opened its newest office building which is located at Mydlana Street in Wrocław. It will be occupied by over 350 employees of Volvo IT.

Numerous solutions have been applied in a newly opened building which minimize a negative effect on natural environment and promote pro-ecological behaviors among employees. At present, the building is in the process of LEED certification on Gold level and the results will be known in the second quarter of 2015. The investor ensures that the structure fulfills all envisaged regulations in the area of water and energy savings and restrictions concerning CO2 emission. Moreover, 50 stands for bicyclists together with sanitary and welfare facilities were prepared on the area of the property and parking places were envisaged for cars in which commute more than one person as well as parking places intended for low carbon energy vehicles.


The office is located at Mydlana Street on the area owned by Volvo in the neighborhood of company green areas with recreation structures for employees of the company.  


The architectural project of a 3-tier Volvo office is characterized by a triangular shape and application of materials with a high reflectance of sunrays, including a roof which has its surface totally covered with a light grey membrane. Furthermore, pavements and bicycle car park also have a lighter color of the surface.


The new headquarters of Volvo has an automatic and flexible remote monitoring system (BMS), sensors and detectors as well as one integrated subsystem of management. Thanks to information coming from various elements of the system, it is possible to react to changes occurring in the environment inside the building, improve functionality, comfort and safety and reduce costs of exploitation. All systems in the building work automatically, which means that they have a possibility of a totally independent realization of functions assigned to them and they are also fully integrated.


Volvo Poland has been successfully undergoing a detailed examination of employers from Top Employers for six years. Among many areas subjected to verification, there are conditions of work. We are proud that we may offer optimal and modern work environment which creates perfect opportunities for occupational development to our employees. We are glad that many innovative and ecological solutions were applied in the new office. It is a reflection of our consequent activities which are consistent with one of the main values of the company, that is care about environment, and it is also another step in the area of promoting pro-ecological attitudes among employees and guests in our company – says Małgorzata Ryniak, General Director in Volvo IT Poland.

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