Noticeable progress of works in Warsaw Koneser

Praga Koneser Center
Office in Praga Koneser Center
Praga Koneser Center is an effect of cooperation of two investors – BBI Development SA and Liebrecht & wooD.

The investors received seven from ten required permits necessary to commence the building of a commercial part of Koneser. The area performing business, commercial and cultural functions will be locate on it. The preliminary agreement concerning investment cooperation between BBI Development SA and Liebrecht & wooD was signed in August 2013. The financial contribution of L&W will total ca. 70 million zlotys and the second investor will bring land and ca. 22 million zlotys. The total value of the investment will amount to ca. 120 million euro.


The selection of a general contractor of the underground part of the complex is planned on June this year, and then – the building will start. The process of letting of area in Koneser will also start in that time. The opening of the commercial part, in turn, is planned on the first quarter of 2017.


We are excited about another, after successful Plac Unii, project which we are realizing in Warsaw together with Liebrecht & wooD. Our partners provide international experience and inspiration how to develop post-industrial area into a lively center, in which Varsovians will be able to work, live and spend their free time – says Rafał Szczepański, Vice-president of the Board in BBI Development S.A. 


Praga Koneser Center is being realized in Warsaw Praga district on the area of a former Warsaw Vodka Factory. The complex will jointly deliver ca. 25 000 sq. m intended for offices and 21 000 sq. m of commercial area, on which a conference hall, hotel and first in the world Polish Vodka Museum will be situated. The draft of the complex, which was prepared by Juventes studio, envisages revitalization of former factory structures as well as construction of new buildings in place of those which are not included in the register of monuments.


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