A new development plan of Cracovia – debate

A new development plan of Echo Investment concerning the area after a former Cracovia hotel was discussed in Cracow
A new development plan of Echo Investment concerning the area after a former Cracovia hotel was discussed in Cracow
A debate concerning a development of area after a former Cracovia hotel was held on 31th March in Cracow.

The Active Citizen Foundation named after Józef Dietl organized a debate concerning a new development plan of the area after a former Cracovia hotel on the last day of March. The list of guests included: Elżbieta Koterba – vice-president of Cracow, Jan Janczykowski – a voivodeship preservationist from Little Poland, Krzysztof Giemza – commercial proxy of Echo Investment and Marek Dunikowski from DDJM Architectural Studio in Cracow who presented a new project of office investment to the participants of the meeting.


Krzysztof Giemza, a commercial proxy of Echo Investment, emphasized that the project of two office buildings, which are going to reproduce a main solid of a former Cracovia hotel through their dimensions and form of one of them, is consistent with a development plan concerning that part of Cracow. The project was also a subject matter of consultations with a voivodeship preservationist. Initially, we had quite different views about the development regarding the mentioned area but we reached a compromise and those elements considered as important in the urban scale of the city were included in the local plan and thus in our design – says Krzysztof Giemza.


The vice-president Elżbieta Koterba judged that both the local plan and the new investor’s project are good enough. The design is fully consistent with the local plan and honors all factors which are the most important in that place: the square will be undeveloped, the development’s line, the structure’s dimension as well as the valued elements of interiors which were pointed out by the preservationist will be maintained. I am appealing to the urban architect, voivodeship and urban preservationist to discuss conditions concerning the restoration protection as quick as possible. It is definitely too important place in the city – adds Elżbieta Koterba.


At the end of March, Jan Janczykowski – a voivodeship preservationist from Little Poland, initiated proceedings on proposals of social organizations to enter the building after a former Cracovia hotel to the register of monuments. Janczykowski managed to explain during the debate that the initiation of the proceedings was a necessary condition in order to conduct a survey. The aim of the expert report is to assess the condition of the building’s elements which could be protected. I would sensitize the experts that we are dealing now with a time pressure in this case. That issue is very important for all people and citizens of Cracow care about the fact that the structure should not be another advertisement pole but it should decorate the urban interior – says Jan Janczykowski.


The participants of the debate referred to a fact that the present building of the former hotel at Błonia Park in Cracow is not acceptable. It has been reminded that within over 4 years since the building’s closing there have been no concrete and real ideas of its development in an unchanged form. Moreover, the guests of the meeting agreed that the Echo Investment project is a solution which takes into account the respect of elements in the present building.


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