Parents Find Favor With Nokia

West Link
West Link
Nokia launches a kindergarten and nursery in West Link.

A bilingual kindergarten with nursery will be launched in West Link in September next year. It will be available only for the employees of Nokia. The kindergarten will have a capacity of ca. 125 children.

Nokia has been always a family-friendly company. We do our best to meet the expectations of our employees, the majority of whom are young parents, thus we have decided to use the potential of the new building and launch a kindergarten and nursery. We are especially glad that we are the first employer in the region who had decided to execute such a large investment – explains Bartosz Ciepluch, Director of European Software and Engineering Center, Nokia, Wrocław.

The partners of this event are KiDS&Co. and Echo Investment. All our investments are designed for comfort of future employees. We have been talking about launching such kindergarten in West Link which could provide the employees’ children with loving care and make it easier from the moment of signing the lease contract. We wanted to assign this task to an experienced operator, hence the choice of KiDS&Co. – explains Katarzyna Kubicka, Regional Director in Office Department, Echo Investment.

The kindergarten for Nokia will be operating in accordance with the authorial program of KiDS&Co., which uses a method of early immersion, that is "immerging" children into English in a similar way babies and small children develop a communication skill in their native language. The program consists in development of social skills and emotional intelligence. Thanks to cooperation with Nokia and Echo Investment, we have an opportunity of launching a new modern head office which meets demanding requirements of our client – says Karina Trafna, Chairman of the Board of KiDS&Co.

West Link is an office building of the total size amounting to over 14 000 sq. m. This investment is currently being erected in the Wrocław’s Fabryczna district and it has already been totally leased by Nokia. The commissioning is planned at the end of March 2018. West Link is a subject of the pre-sale contract to Griffin Premium RE..


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