ECO PRIME Corporate Center is becoming more and more high

PRIME Corporate Center
PRIME Corporate Center
The building of PRIME Corporate Center, which is being realized at Grzybowska 78 Street in Warsaw, has already reached a height of 17 floors.

The Warbud company, a general contractor of the PRIME Corporate Center investment, has finished the construction of an aboveground platform of the building. At present, the realization of the construction of another floors of the tower’s corpus is being continued. The works are being conducted in accordance with the schedule – one aboveground tier within 5 days, thanks to which the reaching of target 23 floors is to be completed in June this year.


The plastering and painting works are currently being conducted on aboveground tiers which are intended for a car park with over 190 parking places – most of the installation has been already performed. Furthermore, the bricklaying works are being conducted in the office part of the structure as well as electric and mechanical installations. Moreover, the employees of Warbud are preparing the finishing layers of floors in the technical rooms and they are installing acoustic isolation. The preparations for connection of telecommunications and heating installations have also started.


The finishing works on the rentable area are going to start soon. They will include i.a. a target distribution of installations, performance of lifted floors, and later suspended ceiling, other finishing and equipment elements intended for a tenant. In the following weeks, the general contractor will concentrate on continuation of reinforced concrete works, arrangement of elevations, finishing works of common area, mechanical and electric installations, including low-voltage electric installations and isolation of a roof.


The main tenant of PRIME Corporate Center is Raiffeisen Polbank which is going to occupy over 95 per cent of available area in the building, including the whole commercial and service space on the ground floor. We are glad that the building of PRIME Corporate Center is being continued in accordance with the schedule and Raiffeisen Polbank will be able to move into its new main registered office in the first half of 2016 – comments Czarek Jarząbek, Co-owner and Chairman of the Board in Golub GetHouse.


PRIME Corporate Center was prepared by the Solomon Cordwell Buenz studio from Chicago which locally cooperates with the Epstein company. The 21 000 sq. m large office is characterized by a glazed elevation. Moreover, it will have a terrace with a panoramic view at Warsaw, car park for bicyclists as well as comfortable drive into the main entrance and restaurant. The investment is being realized in accordance with requirements of the BREEAM certificate on the Very Good level.


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