ECO Commissioned part of Dominikański complex

Dominikański office in Wrocław
Building A
A historical Oppersdorff Palace and building A owned by the Wrocław Dominikański complex received a use permit. Skanska is responsible for the investment.

A modern Dominikański office is located in the center of Wrocław at Dominikański Square. The complex is composed of two office buildings and historical Oppersdorff Palace modernized by developer. It will offer jointly nearly 40 000 sq. m of rentable area class A, 800 sq. m of which will be located in the Palace. The use permit was issued for both the building A and Palace. The building B is currently being realized and it will be completed in August 2015 in accordance with the schedule.


Dominikański was designed so that it would perfectly sign itself into the surroundings and history of this part of the city. The renovated Palace is supposed to present its full glory again. Its inclusion to Dominikański causes that the whole complex is a unique project on the office market in Poland – comments Mariusz Krzak, regional director in Skanska Property Poland.


Oppersdorff Palace was founded in the first half of the XVIIIth c. The World War Two and the postwar period left the greatest mark on it. The façade and adornments from sandstone have been perishing for years. The inclusion to Dominikański allowed to restore the old glory of the Palace. The reconstruction plan was prepared in cooperation with preservationists, archeologists and local authorities. Moreover, the architectural inventory of the structure enabled reproduction of the initial form of the Palace with a great concern for its precious and historical elements.


We opened a front elevation with decorations and two-tier browband during restoration works. The stone elements were made from sandstone after earlier consultations and analyses conducted with City Preservationist. We also managed to regain many decorative elements in the interior so that they would be a symbol of a former arrangement in a new office area – says Anna Życińska-Wójcik, manager of the Dominikański project in Skanska Property Poland.


The elevation was not the only element which required revitalization – the ruined interiors also needed it. The lobby and common parts of the building regained a noteworthy look of a palace. A number of technical works were conducted on the areas intended for tenants – new installations were supplied and modern office systems were mounted. The final arrangement of the interiors will be consulted with the City Preservationist.


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