LSS „Społem” searches for investor

The Old Town in Lublin
The Old Town in Lublin
Lublin „Społem” declares building of an office. It searches for investor and tenants.

The Lublin „Społem” consumer cooperative is searching for investors and future tenants who would be interested in realization of a building investment on the plots located at Lipowa Street in Lublin in place of a present „Koziołek” shop. The total area intended for development amounts to 1382 sq. m.


The planned undertaking is about building a multi-storey office commercial and service structure. We would like to start the building no earlier than in the following year. The grocery would certainly stay on the ground floor of a new edifice and the offices could be situated on the upper floors. We also envisage an underground garage – said Mieczysław Zapał, chairman of the board in LSS „Społem”, during the conversation with Kurier Lubelski.


LSS „Społem” is watinig for the offers of cooperation till 30th June 2015.


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