Dynamic increase in cleaning industry

The value of legal orders in the sector of cleaning companies has been recently systematically increasing in Poland. At present, it totals ca. 4.5 billion zlotys per year. The upward tendency concerns companies cleaning both houses and offices.

Individual clients and companies renting office areas more frequently decide to hire professionals from the cleaning industry. The value of the legal cleaning market totals ca. 4.5 billion zlotys per year – points out Jakub Łączkowski, Chairman of the Board of Pozamiatane.pl, service which enables ordering of cleaning services online. – This number includes services for both individual and business clients. 


A dynamic growth of the cleaning industry is emphasized by data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Politics. The sector of domestic help, that is cleaning and care for seniors and sick people – is going to offer jobs to ca. 200 thousand people in 2015. The need for their services will be still increasing because Poles have less time for doing housework. Many people notice that they would not like to spend their free time for cleaning and housework. We waste eight hours each week for these duties – enumerates Jakub Łączkowski. – We want to have time for ourselves – for our own interests. Therefore, we are looking for some people who could help us. Besides, we can afford it because we are more and more richer. According to the last ranking conducted by Boston Consulting Group, we are on a very high position in respect of welfare.  


The cleaning industry is not only services for individual clients. Over 50 per cent of the market constitute enterprises which more and more often hire outsourcing companies and professionals for cleaning. The chairman of Pozamiatane.pl convinces that such solution is often cheaper for business clients than hiring a cleaner for a full time job. The comparison of a monthly remuneration of a full-time employee and payments for cyclic service offered by an external company shows that the second option is much cheaper – emphasizes Łączkowski.


The industry of cleaning services is developing very dynamically. At the end of 2012 there were less than 12 thousand companies registered in the REGON register. That number increased by over 800 entities in 2013. Moreover, ca. 14 thousand people were registered at the end of 2014. 


Many cleaners still work in the grey economy. They are competition for legal companies and they contribute to decrease in quality of services. We have to be aware that the number of people who work in this segment is much higher because the significant proportion is constituted by people working in the grey economy. However, the eagerness to legalization of economic activity or formalization based on civil law agreements is becoming more noticeable – explains Łączkowski.


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