Lawyers move to Benaco

Kochański Zięba and Partners (KZP) legal office is going to move its Cracow department to a new headquarters in Benaco located at Pilotów 2E Street.

Kochański Zięba and Partners (KZP) legal office is going to move its Cracow department to a new headquarters in Benaco located at Pilotów 2E Street. The company rented more than 1400 sq. m in the building for that purpose and it is going to launch the biggest office in Cracow with over 100 lawyers and assistance personnel. Jointly, more than 190 lawyers will be hired in both the main headquarters of KZP located at Piłsudskiego 1 Square in Metropolitan in the capital and the new Cracow department.


A decision about changing our headquarters for a bigger one was made due to many reasons. Firstly, we did it to meet expectations of our clients. According to them, the maintenance of costs concerning legal service at a reasonable level has a huge importance. Additionally, the Cracow Jagiellonian University is a source of young and well-educated lawyers. Thanks to the fact that a part of the personnel will be employed in Cracow, we may decrease the general costs of the company. These savings will be noticeable for clients because we will start realize more time-consuming tasks from the area of legal service in our office in Little Poland – says Adam Piawkowski, Chairman in Department of International Cooperation and Strategy in Kochański Zięba and Partners legal office.


One of the crucial sectors for the company in the future will be new technologies. The capital of Little Poland is the most important center in the country that gathers technological start-ups and it is becoming Central European center of such enterprises. We believe that the location of our New Technologies Practice in the very heart of the technological sector will allow us to gain this promising market. Additionally, Department of Infrastructure and Construction led by Partner Paweł Gunia will be divided between Warsaw and Cracow, and thus it will gain a broader scope and it will be closer to projects serviced by the legal office. Taking all factors into account, the removal to a much larger office in Cracow seems to be a right solution and it is compliant with the strategy of striving for a position of the most distinguished Polish legal office – explains Adam Piwakowski.


Benaco is located in close proximity to Etiuda Office Center. The building is composed of five aboveground and two underground tiers. It offers 3225 sq. m of leased area. The ground floor of the building will perform a function of a showroom, whereas other floors will be intended for office rooms. The structure will be equipped with a reception, around-the-clock security, elevators, air conditioning, elevated floors and suspended ceiling. Its users will have 60 parking places at their disposal in two underground garages as well as 7 available places in the external car park.


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