Topos receives a use permit

The investment of Capital Park Group situated at Pawia 24 Street in Cracow has already received a use permit.

The investment of Capital Park Group situated at Pawia 24 Street in Cracow – Topos office – has already received a use permit. The building with the size of 967 sq. m was commissioned in accordance with the schedule. Future tenants will certainly appreciate this small structure and its unique character which makes Topos non-standard out of other office buildings. These assets have already been appreciated by PKO Bank Polski, a company which decided to open a headquarters of the 22nd Department in Cracow. The bank occupied the area amounting to 245 sq. m – says Kinga Nowakowska, Operational Director, Capital Park Group.


The architectural concept of Topos, which is situated in close proximity to Galeria Krakowska and Kraków Główny railway station, combines tradition with modern accents, to which the reference is particularly noticeable in the building's facade. The new development is combined with the existing medieval wall.


The general contractor of the office investment owned by Capital Park Group is Erbet. The project of the office, which was positively opinioned by Voivodship Preservationist, was devised in the Cracow architectural studios DDD Architekci and MZ Studio.


Capital Park Group has realized more than 100 investment transactions since the beginning of its activity in 2003. It manages the portfolio of properties including 75 projects with the total gross lease area amounting to about 250 000 sq. m located in 37 cities. Among these projects 39 commercial high-street properties were handed to a newly realized entity Real Estate Income Assets FIZ AN, which is actively managed by the Group having 15-per-cent share.


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