ECO Silesia Business Park gets bigger and bigger

Silesia Business Park - visualizations
An official opening of the building B in the Silesia Business Park complex was held on 25th February this year. This event took place in the same time as a ceremony of building a cornerstone into the building C.

An official opening of the building B in the Silesia Business Park complex realized by Skanska Property Poland in Katowice was held on 25th February this year. The event gathered i.a. Bogumił Sobula – Deputy President of Katowice, representatives of Skanska Property Poland, Skanska SA – general contractor of the building, and Capgemini – the main tenant in the building B. The official opening of the structure took place in the same time as a ceremony of building a cornerstone into the office C.


As a target, the complex in Katowice will be composed of four semi-detached office buildings. Each of them will offer 12 000 sq. m of office space. The building of the office B lasted 18 months, whereas the third structure is to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2016.


Silesia Business Park is clear evidence that Katowice is undergoing a positive change from a post-industrial city into one with the most quickly developing business centers in Poland. The success of our project is the best example that the city became a modern as well as lively cultural and business center attracting modern companies and international investors – says Mariusz Krzak, Regional Director, Skanska Property Poland.


This region of the city used to look completely different several years ago. At present, the effects of the business decisions made by the investor as well as a consequent pro-investment policy of the city are clearly noticeable. However, it is not only the infrastructure, but also new working places for several thousands of young and qualified experts who choose Katowice for a place to live. They find here jobs and good conditions for living, establishing a family, bringing up children and interesting options for spending their free time – says Bogumił Sobula, Deputy President of Katowice.


The building A in the Silesia Business Park complex is almost totally rented and its main tenant is PWC. Capgemini, in turn, rented the area in the office B. The company is celebrating twentieth anniversary of its activity this year. The establishment of the office in Silesia Business Park gives us a chance for realization of ambitious development plans of the center and provides our team with the highest work comfort. At present, we hire more than 1500 people in Katowice and we are one of the biggest employers from the sector of modern services in the region. The expansion of Capgemini in Katowice perfectly signs itself into dynamical evolution of the city which annually increases its business attractiveness – says Marcin Nowak, Delivery Center Director, Infrastructure Services Eastern Europe, Capgemini.


Silesia Business Park is currently being realized at Chorzowska Street in Katowice. Each building of the complex will be awarded LEED certificate at the Gold level. Medusa group is responsible for the architectural project of the investment, whereas Skanska Property Poland is a general contractor of the building. Moreover, Skanska Property Poland is responsible for commercialization.


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