Rzeszów gains new Regional Services Center for Audit in the region of Central Europe owned by Deloitte

A new entity of the company will constitute a part of Deloitte Services Center for Business in Rzeszów. Moreover, it will also provide support for company's departments of audits in the region.

A new entity of the company, the activity of which will start on 1st June this year, will be a part of Deloitte Services Center for Business. Services Center for Audit in Central Europe will be engaged in e.g. collection of information concerning clients and industries as well as coordination of chosen elements of direct control research and verification of financial statements. We are planning to hire such experts in the Center who will be strictly cooperating with audit teams in offices owned by Deloitte in Central Europe. We are convinced that thanks to the highest standard of services with the use of the best practices and knowledge, as well as application of innovative analytical tools, we will be performing our business activity more efficiently for our clients in the whole region – Wolda Grant, Audit and Enterprise Risk Services Leader for Deloitte Central Europe, says. Deloitte Services Center for Audit in Central Europe will hire both experts from the area of audit and graduates or students with experience and specialized in finances, economy or technology.


So far Deloitte Services Center operating in Rzeszów since September last year has been composed of financial, accounting and IT teams, as well as teams delivering services from the area of risk management. The entity works for offices owned by Deloitte in 18 countries of Central Europe. Furthermore, 70 new work places have already been created in the center in Rzeszów, whereas the employment is to be increased up to 300 people by the end of 2021.


Thanks to modern technologies and know-how of our experts, the creation of this new Services Center for Audit in Rzeszów will enable adjustment of the level of services to the needs resulting from a dynamical development of Deloitte. We are satisfied that by launching new Services Center we contribute to the development of Rzeszów and the whole Podkarpacie region – Ján Zoller, Chairman of Services Center for Audit, claims.


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