Optimism Polish directors and the crisis in the East

Deloitte CFO Survey study analyzed the net optimism index, ie the difference between the percentage of persons indicating the improvement of the financial perspectives in relation to the situation six months, and the percentage of people speaking about their deterioration.

Most CFOs believe that the Polish economy entered a recovery phase; half of the respondents believe that in 2014. GDP growth to reach 2.6 percent and 70 percent of respondents claim that the current level of economic uncertainty is no different from a particular level of previous periods. In addition, the CFO forecast decline in unemployment and rising prices of below 2 percent.

Despite the good mood, anxiety causes the current crisis in the East. According to experts Deloitte Malaysia Airlines plane crash and the tightening of sanctions between the European Union and Russia will influence the reduction of positive forecasts of the economic situation. Nearly 70 percent of people involved in the study pointed out the need to create an emergency plan in the event of negative developments for the eastern border. Results suggest that developments in Ukraine not yet significantly affected by the level of optimism Polish directors. Research completed but before crash a plane Malaysia Airlines and tighter EU sanctions against Russia and its retaliatory sanctions include to Polish. Can therefore expect that these events will be reflected already in the next edition of the survey - says Krzysztof Pniewski, Partner at Deloitte Consulting Department.

The study involved 40 chief financial officer (CFO) of companies operating on the Polish market. The survey has conducted from June to July 2014.


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