Building of new investment by Partner Capital Group starts in June

Silesia Point
A commercial and office building Silesia Point is going to be realized in the Muchobór Wielki housing estate in Wrocław. Its realization will start in June this year.

A commercial and office building Silesia Point, the investor of which is Partner Capital Group, will be realized in the Wrocław Muchobór Wielki housing estate at Gagarina Street. Realization of this project will start in June this year and end in April 2017.


Silesia Point will be a 2-tier building with 1660 sq. m of usable space. The total area of the structure will amount to 2345 sq. m. The project will offer premises for companies from such industries as medical, cosmetic, gastronomic, entertainment or sport ones. There will be also premises for representatives of the commercial industry. Jointly 29 parking places located in front of or behind the building will be realized within the investment. All enthusiasts of single-track vehicles will have a bicycle cark park with 12 stands at their disposal.


Initially, 25 premises with the size of 15-120 sq. m are planned on the ground floor. All rented counters and premises for small services, small-size commerce and gastronomy will be available from the passage. There will be also office and service areas for rent on the floor, which will be divided into smaller premises. The building will be fully adjusted to the needs of the disabled.


RB Group is responsible for the project of Silesia Point. We wanted Silesia Point could sign itself into local landscape through its function, scale, form, aesthetics and applied materials and so it could create a coherent urban structure with its existing commerce and residential development – Agnieszka Oślak, Architect of RB Group, says.


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