Świętojańska Office Building has a new tenant

Transcom Worldwide Poland, which operates in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, is going to offer more than 250 work places for people living in Białystok.

Transcom Worldwide Poland, which has been operating in Poland since 2003, opened its third department in the office situated at the very heart of Białystok. Świętojańska Office Building is a structure located at Świętojańska 12 Street, where 55 employees have already found a job. Its total area amounts to around 8000 sq. m and it was designed for tenants operating in the sector of modern business services. Both approach and openness of inhabitants as well as support from local authorities are of great importance for us while opening our new office in the capital of Podlasie Voivodship. We are really grateful to all people for support. We hope that together we can contribute to development of not only Białystok but also the whole region – says Marek Szul, Country Manager of Transcom Poland.


According to experts of the industry, Białystok has a great potential in development of outsourcing centers. It is reflected by taken actions of providing conditions for development of the BPO industry, which consist in e.g. preparation of investment areas. All actions that encourage entrepreneurs to create work places for inhabitants of Białystok are our priority. Presence of such a big representative of the BPO sector in our city is the best evidence that these actions actually bring effects – says Tadeusz Truskolaski, President of Białystok.


Transcom Worldwide Poland is not the first outsourcing company which decided to locate its office in Białystok. The first one started its business activity on the area of the complex situated at Węglowa Street. Thanks to cooperation with the city, another investment of the office complex is being realized, the investor of which plans to offer even 1000 work places.


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