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Tenants of offices provide new work places in smaller cities of Poland (pic
Tenants in Świętojańska Office Building are employers on the market in Białystok
From time to time there is some information in the media about a new kind of office realized in a city. It is followed by information about new work places which are to be provided on the local market. Is that so? We decided to discuss this issue on the example of three Polish cities.

Department in Białystok – 250 new work places

The sector of outsourcing has definitely achieved success on the Polish market. In bigger cities such as Warsaw, Krakow or Tricity, there are a lot of BPO/IT and SSC centers. However, there are also companies from the sector of modern services in smaller cities. The good example is Białystok. It is the academic city where ca. 30 thousand of students started their education. They can take up a job in foreign companies which open new headquarters in this city. The example is a company operating in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Transcom Worldwide Poland – which established its new registered office in Świętojańska Office Building. As a target, it will provide more than 250 new work places for the people living in Białystok: 55 people started to work in the department in Białystok in June and 150 new work places will be provided by the end of this year. The tenant of Świętojańska Office Building became the same new employer on the local market. The company was attracted by the modern office where it could find a convenient place for locating its new headquarters. The building is perfectly adjusted to the office function since it has been envisaged for companies which are mainly from the sector of modern business services, shared services and IT technologies. The activities which encourage entrepreneurs to provide more and more job offers to the people living in Białystok is our priority. The presence of such a big representative of BPO in our city is the best evidence that they actually bring effects – says Tadeusz Truskolaski, President of Białystok. Transcom Worldwide Poland is not the first outsourcing company which decided to locate its headquarters in the capital of Podlaskie Voivodship. The first of them is located on the area of the complex at Węglowa Street and the new investment is being realized in cooperation with the city, whose investor would like to provide even 1000 work places.

Potential of inhabitants in Podkarpacie Voivodship

New work places in the sector of modern services for business are also provided in Rzeszów. According to the estimates, there will be even 2 thousand work places in the capital of Podkarpacie. Employers are to be attracted by e.g. the modern office SkyRes Warszawska. This structure was chosen by the international consulting company Deloitte for its new registered office: 300 people are to be hired in this office. SkyRes Warszawska is the first large-format office building class A in Rzeszów. It was commissioned in December 2016. It is the example of the structure which successfully meets all modern standards although it is not located in one of the biggest cities in Poland, which can be confirmed by lease of space by Deloitte. The decision of such a big company about launching its new service center in Rzeszów is evidence of attractiveness of the city as a location for projects from the sector of modern business services. Thus, new other companies can follow the example of Deloitte. SkyRes offers more than 20 000 sq. m to its tenants, where they can locate their offices. The companies will be able to search for new employees and recruit them among the inhabitants of Podkarpacie. It is also a chance for graduates of universities to have a career. The main role of offices such as SkyRes is to attract companies from the BPO, SSC and IT sectors to Rzeszów, by offering good quality offices to them so that they could stay there and benefit from the potential of inhabitants living in this region.

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