Krakow corporations during World Youth Day

Luxoft decided to welcome hundreds of guests during World Youth Day in an utypical way (pic Linkleaders)
Citylights directed at foreigners visiting Krakow during World Youth Day (pic Linkleaders)
The summing-up of World Youth Day – a very big event in Poland – is currently in progress. How did Krakow corporations operate in that time? What did they make to surprise foreign guests?

Numerous summaries of World Youth Day – the event which ended on Sunday – can be found in the media. This event attracted many people from all over the world to Krakow. However, there were many doubts before their arrival which were related to functioning of the city in this particular period. Additionally, there were concerns about functioning of companies from the sector of IT/SSC/BPO. Fortunately, the work of Krakow corporations was not crippled during World Youth Day. It was a very important test for Krakow from the point of view of maintaining business continuity. At present, we can talk about a big success. We have not received any negative and even potentially disturbing information – says Łukasz Cioch, Director for Public Affairs of ASPIRE Association, which gathers the biggest companies from the sector of IT/SSC/BPO.


Moreover, employees from some corporations decided to positively surprise foreign guests who arrived to Krakow. "Welcomes You To Krakow" – it was the heading which welcomed people travelling across Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue. The heading was made from hundreds of gold self-adhesive pieces of paper. The welcome was hung on the windows on the fifth and sixth floors of Quattro Five. It was a spontaneous action organized by Luxoft. The place where the welcoming heading was hung is a very important communicational point of the city, thanks to which many people could see it. – There are representatives of 25 nationalities in our office. Multiculturalism and openness, which are characteristic for World Youth Day, are a crucial part of life for us. We find out every day that it is worth working, living and entertaining in Krakow. Together with other inhabitants we want to leave a good picture of hospitable city in the eyes of our guests – says Łukasz Macuda, Regional Director of Luxoft in Krakow, for the website


Amway Business Center Europe also decided to benefit from World Youth Day. The campaign "Why not stay? Find job that inspires" encouraged incomers to take up a job in Poland. The company was communicating with guests of World Youth Day by posters which appeared in 10 points of Krakow. Amway is searching for employees who know one out of a dozen or so foreign languages, thus the heading of the campaign encouraged foreigners to stay in Poland and work in the Krakow department of the company.


Krakow is in the first tenth in the ranking Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations, which presents the most attractive locations for the industry of SSC/BPO and IT Outsourcing. Thus, no wonder that corporations in Krakow encourage to take up a job in their departments.


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