Atrium IBC – modernization

Atrium International - visualization of the changes
Atrium IBC, which is situated in the city center of Warsaw, is currently being modernized. The renovation is to enhance the attractiveness, refresh the project as well as give it elegant and modern character. The completion of works is envisaged on the first quarter of 2017.

The renovation has already started and it is to last ca. four months. The scope of works is to include the interior of the building and its elevation. The renovation is being conducted with the use of modern materials, including glass and ceramic plates. The elevation is to gain additional lighting and decorative elements in the form of a network made from stainless steel. Additionally, there will be a new reception.


We believe that these planned changes and – in the result – refreshed appearance of the building will have a positive impact on quality conditions for our tenants. A very good location of the office in combination with new design will certainly enhance its attractiveness for both present and future tenants – says Agnieszka Sławomirska-Chmarzyńska, Manager of the Property and Project Manager of Modernization Design, Savills.


Atrium International Business Center is an office building situated within the Central Business District in Warsaw. Moreover, Atrium is located in close proximity to Dworzec Centralny railway station as well as to numerous hotels, restaurants and shops. The size of the building amounts to 12 000 sq. m in total, and it offers offices of the height totaling 2.85 m. The list of tenants in Atrium includes e.g. Thomson Reuters, Matexi, DAGO Centrum and Bombaj Masala restaurant. Additionally, the building is equipped with a modern air-conditioning system, structured wiring, round-the-clock security and underground garage for both tenants and guests. 


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