Panek - a new office in Grójecka

Grójecka Offices (source:
Grójecka Offices (source:
Panek SA rented a new office in Grójecka Offices. The office situated in the Warsaw’s Ochota district is to be commissioned in the second quarter of this year.

Panek SA rented 660 sq. m for the purpose of its new office in Grójecka Offices. The registered office of the company is to be located on the seventh floor.


Panek SA is a leader in car rental industry. The company has been operating on the market for 16 years and it owns nearly 60 departments in Poland. Panek SA offers only new vehicles in 22 classes. The company won a tender for service of the airport in Vilnius and Riga in 2016. Panek SA is to introduce a new service called PANEK CarSharing this year, that is a system of maintenance free car rental for minutes and hours.


Grójecka Office is a building offering 7400 sq. m of office areas class A. The ground floor of the building provides areas for running a commercial and retail activity. The developer of this project is OKRE Development. The office is being realized at Grójecka 206 Street. This location provides an easy access by public communication even from the city center of Warsaw. Additionally, it is easy to use own car to get to Grójecka Office as Grójecka Street constitutes one of the main arteries in Warsaw.  


The building is certified in the BREEAM system. The solid of the office is modern and dynamic. The project was devised by the Kuryłowicz & Associates architectural studio. 


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