New offices at Christo Botewa Street in Krakow

Entrance to CHB14 - visualization
The inhabitants of Krakow can follow the progress of building a new office. The Krakow's office market is soon to be enriched by new office and retail areas. The commissioning of CHB14 is planned on this year.

CHB14 is a modern office situated in a dynamically developing district of Krakow at Christo Botewa 14 Street. The ground floor of the building is intended for a gastronomic premises as well as service and retail premises. Additionally, there will be a modern and representative lobby on the same tier. The floors 1-5 will provide tenants with ca. 4213 sq. m of office areas. Each of those tiers is to be an open space, which can be freely arranged in accordance with the tenants' preferences. There is also a possibility of dividing each floor for a premises (three on the first floor and four on the floors 2-5). The tiers in CHB14 are of the size amounting to 813-850 sq. m. The fifth floor of the office has already been rented.


The minimalist solid of the building makes the architecture of CHB14 timeless. The investor took care about a high standard of finishing of both external and internal elements so that they could constitute great assets of the building.  


CHB14 is equipped with two fast elevators and it has a number of labor-saving systems such as DSO or access control system. There will be also the CCTV monitoring, the fire system with smoke sensors on staircases, or round-the-clock security in common parts of the office. Furthermore, CHB14 is to provide friendly solutions to the disabled.


The aspect of facilitations for tenants is of great importance in every office building and the special emphasis is put on parking spaces. CHB14 did not ignore that fact. All tenants are to be provided with an unground garage with many parking places. People who use electric cars are also to find a place for charging their vehicles in CHB14. Additionally, the facilitations for bicyclists are important too in modern office buildings. The office at Christo Botewa 14 Street provides them with a special car park with an access to showers.


The surroundings where CHB14 is situated is an attractive place in respect of spending free time. For instance, there is GO Karting Center in close proximity to the office. Moreover, the retail and restaurant offer is constantly being extended in the closest neighborhood of the office. 


An undeniable asset of CHB14 is its location. The situation of the office provides an easy access from different parts of Krakow by both the own means of transport and the public communication. Additionally, the office is situated in close proximity to the Bieżanów hub on the A4 highway. The location provides a perfect communicational connection with southern Poland. After the completion of the eastern ring road of Krakow, the connection with north-eastern Poland will be also made available. 


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