Kinnarps opens a new showroom at ICE Krakow

Kinnarps - new showroom in ICE Kraków Congress Center
Kinnarps opens a new showroom at ICE Krakow Congress Center for people who would like to know the current trends and concepts of office space.

An official opening of a new showroom was held on 18 January 2017 in the presence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden, Inga Eriksson Fogh, representatives of city authorities, clients, coworkers and supportive friends of the company. Instead of one typical office and exhibition area, Kinnarps is present in the building of ICE Krakow in three places of the total size amounting to 243 sq. m. Each place performs a different function and presents a readable arrangement concept.


A new showroom of Kinnarps is an exhibition area divided into three zones: Lab, NextOffice and Coworking Garden. The most characteristic place is Coworking Garden, that is space intended for quests of ICE Krakow. The interiors of Coworking Garden can serve as a perfect relaxation place for guests of the conference center, for instance, during breaks. Additionally, the new showroom of Kinnarps is divided into the NextOffice zone, that is the new competent office of the team of Kinnarps, which is an example of office arrangement in the concept of activity-based working for dynamic companies. The third zone constitutes a working room of the service, which presents a solution of the back-office type.


Kinnarps is a respected brand with the established position, which has been present in Krakow for 20 years. It occupies an important place in the market. We service a lot of both local and international companies, not only from the sector of business services. In order to present the most recent trends in creating office space and new concept of development in the area of working environment to the clients as well as to inspire them to change, we had to think about a location of our showroom in close proximity to business events. ICE Krakow Congress Center is a dream place for implementing this idea – explains Beata Osiecka, CEO Kinnarps Poland, asked about the reason for changing the address.


The choice of location for our new showroom was made due to a convenient location on the Krakow’s map as well as attractive architecture, character and purpose of the building, where a lot of business and cultural events take place.


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