Kinnarps Showroom After A Year

Showroom in ICE Krakow Center - Kinnarps
One year has passed since the launching of a new showroom by Kinnarps in ICE Krakow Congress Center. It is time for us to assess the first results.

A new showroom of Kinnarps was launched in ICE Krakow Congress Center on January 18, 2017. The contemporary Ambassador of Sweden, Inga Erikksson Fogh, the representatives of the city as well as the clients and the co-workers of the company have participated in this event. It is a year today since the launching of this new showroom and this is a good moment for the summing-up.

Kinnarps has no one classic office and exhibition space in the showroom located in ICE Krakow Congress Center. The company has three places instead, the total space of which amounts to 243 sq. m. Every premises performs a different role and has a clear arrangement concept. All visitors – our clients, business partners, collaborating companies and even our competitors – are impressed by our offices and their potential. Many people congratulate us on this idea which makes that Kinnarps is perceived as an innovator in the industry, and this does not only concern the local market. Both our guests and the guests of ICE Center eagerly benefit from the spaces and praise the solutions and the modern approach of Kinnarps to office and public space – says Marek Gorczyca, Southern Region Sales Director at Kinnarps.

The showroom of Kinnarps is situated in the ICE building, which is one of the most prestigious and characteristic buildings in Krakow, where a lot of conferences of different industries are organized. Hence, Kinnarps can also reach new groups of clients.

The most characteristic place in the showroom of Kinnarps is Coworking Garden. The guests of ICE Krakow can benefit from it. A friendly atmosphere is a moment’s respite for the guests during conference breaks. This place also improves functionality and attractiveness of the whole investment.

This is one of the ideas on the huge marketing “hitting power”. Thanks to the presence in ICE and the opportunity of making this space available to the participants of conferences organized in this place, we have become partners of such events as Expo Fxcuffs – 3rd International Investment Congress, SSC/BPO Aspire Congress, Impact’17, 3rd European Local Authorities Congress, Devoxx Poland, 41st Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, Google Developer Days, EDTNA/ERCA International Conference and National Science Congress. Those events were held under our patronage and they gathered over 25 000 participants! This is a huge range and scale, and, let us not forget that there are thousands of economic and cultural events organized in ICE every year, so the reach is even broader. From the point of view of brand identification, the removal to ICE was crucial to us – points out Marek Gorczyca.

The Krakow showroom is a place which presents new solutions in modes of operation and technological novelties which concern space management. An important element of the showroom is NextOffice, that is a head office of Kinnarps. It constitutes an inspiring example of office design within the activity-based working concept.

While changing the head office of our Krakow showroom, we wanted to intrigue and inspire our clients as well as to enable them the insight in the current trends. We hoped that this innovative idea would arouse great interest. Now, after a year, I am convinced that we have managed to do it. We have a modern showroom in the NextOffice activity-based working concept in the most recognizable location in Krakow, which is eagerly visited by our foregoing clients, architects, representatives of the real estate market, guests and participants of different events organized in ICE. However, we do not want to rest on our laurels. We have also other plans for our region – sums up Marek Gorczyca, while talking about the first year of the showroom.


We kindly invite you to visit the showroom of Kinnarps in Krakow, which is located in ICE Krakow Center at Marii Konopnickiej 17 Street.


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