Approved products

Building Research Institute granted another technical approval to the products by ALUPROF.

The approval granted by Building Research Institute pertains to not only the known composite plates EXTRABOND FR but also to their new type – EXTRABOND A2. Their construction is based on a double skin panel of aluminum sheet and a mineral core with the so called “inorganic fillers.” They offer a wide range of possibilities of applying the system in modern architecture.


Pursuant to the resolution of the Minister of Infrastructure concerning the technical conditions which have to be met by the buildings as well as their location, the plates were classified as non-flammable products, which do not spread fire (NRO), provided the appropriate criteria for features of bed as well as attachment of plates. – Therefore, we can use our valve façade in high buildings, to which belong the ones above 25 meters – says Bożena Ryszka, Marketing Manager of ALUPROF.


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