Showroom on 26th floor

Showroom in Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT)
How to present both potential and arrangement possibilities of your building? A new showroom was opened in Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT).

A new showroom is located on the 26th floor. There is a mixed setting with a division into a conference room, offices, open space, relaxation zone, kitchen and dining room as well as representative reception on 300 sq. m. The investment was conducted on the initiative of the building’s owner – Akron Investment Central Eastern Europe II – and its asset manager – Heitman. Additionally, Reesco was responsible for both the project and the realization, whereas Rewitech – for the design of the interior.


The space was designed in accordance with the newest trends in office arrangement, and with the principles of optimal development of floor. Monochromatic materials were applied during finishing the interiors – white, grey and black furniture with elements of energizing greenery. The functionality of the office is also reflected by its ceiling. The architects proposed different heights, changing the kind of finishing – from the open, through the transparent, ending with the closed one. Therefore, they proved that the offices in WTT can be modified in this field. 


The showroom in WTT was created to present the best possible arrangement possibilities of the skyscraper. We are aware of a great impact of proper setting and arrangement of any office on comfort and effectiveness of work. The employees are also aware of it, and they more and more often suggest their employees such environments which are perfectly adjusted to their needs, and treat it as a strategic business decision. Our showroom was created having them in mind. Thanks to a presentation area, the clients will be able to notice the potential of the interiors in WTT, and, most importantly, the possibilities of flexible division and troublefree change of settings concerning walls and rooms in the building – says Izabela Kapil, Vice President Portfolio Management – Europe, Heitman.


Warsaw Trade Tower (WTT) was erected at the end of the 90ties. The total height of the building amounts to 208 meters, whereas the line on the roof was placed at the level of 184 meters. The building was thoroughly modernized in the years 2015-2016 by a working group composed of architects, advisors for commercialization of properties, and experts of branding. In result of these transformations, the building obtained a number of facilities. Additionally, it was successfully assessed in the green certification BREEAM In-Use, gaining the Very Good grade in the category: Asset Performance.


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