Construction of Podium Park gains momentum

Podium Park office complex - visualization
Podium Park is currently being erected in the neighborhood of the Krakow University of Technology, AWF and Tauron Arena in Krakow. At present, works related to realization of a two-level underground garage of building A are in progress.

The building of Podium Park started in September 2016. The redevelopment of network and technical infrastructure as well as building of slurry walls were completed in November. The works are being conducted in accordance with the schedule and the realization of a two-level underground garage of building A is currently in progress. The completion of the first building of the complex is planned on May 2018.


Podium Park is composed of three joined 11-tier office buildings. The project is to have 65 100 sq. m of total space, 47 600 sq. of which are to be intended for offices, and 3100 sq. m – for service areas. There will be also 800 parking spaces and more than 300 places for bicycles within the investment. Moreover, there are many other innovative solutions such as rental company of eco cars for tenants, 36 stands for charging electric cars, glazing of windows with a glass package of the thickness of over 5.0 cm, or numerous facilities for bicyclists. The developer has been conducting the BREEAM certification process at the Excellent or Outstanding level since the moment of beginning the works on the investment.


Two green courtyards of the size amounting to 1800 sq. m (each of them) are to be realized between the buildings. This space will be enriched by the zone Urban farming, which will be a place for cultivation of herbs, vegetables and fruits. There will be also two terraces of the size amounting to 725 sq. m (each of them) on two-tier connectors between the buildings. 

The developer of the investment is Decon Investment. PRC Architekci is responsible for the conceptual and construction project, whereas URBA Architects – for the executive project. The general constructor of the shell building of the opened building A is Fabet – Konstrukcje Sp. z o.o. Additionally, CBRE consulting company is responsible for commercialization of the building, whereas Tebodin Poland Sp. z o.o. – the manager of the investment – is responsible for the whole project.


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