Bees – new "tenants" of myhive Nimbus

Hives on the roof of myhive Nimbus
The roof of myhive Nimbus is a new home for 250 000 bees. Thanks to the implementation of this initiative, IMMOFINANZ expanded its policy of sustainable development and environment protection.

The hives installed on the roof of the 14-floor office situated in Warsaw hold 250 000 bees. This idea fits the business activity of IMMOFINANZ, especially that the company introduced a new brand for office properties at the turn of the year which is called myhive. The project consisting of installing hives on the roof of myhive Nimbus is being executed in cooperation with Knight Frank, which is the manager of this real estate.

myhive Nimbus is situated at Aleje Jerozolimskie, thus the bees will be able to collect nectar from the nearby parks. According to the estimates, they will be able to collect ca. 100 l of honey during one season. The guardian of the bees is Kamil Baj,, who is also responsible for picking up the honey.

IMMOFINANZ owns several office properties in Warsaw, thus we devoted a lot of time to examine them thoroughly so that we could provide a perfect home for the bees. As a result, we decided to choose Nimbus mainly due to its location in the neighborhood of parks as well as proper insolation with active biological surface. The idea of bees became not only a crucial element of the activities within CSR but it also perfectly fits our new brand – myhive, which supports building of its awareness – says Przemysław Wardęga, Senior Communication and Marketing Manager Poland of IMMOFINANZ.

Interestingly, the life of the “new tenants” of myhive Nimbus can be traced on a daily basis. Thanks to the camera installed directly in front of the hives, everyone can observe the bees online (

myhive is an international brand dedicated to office real estates, which was implemented last year by IMMFINANZ (see more: myhive office enters the market). The offices of this brand are to be characterized by the wide scope of services and good infrastructure. What is more, they are to create a platform for communication between the tenants. The first stage included 20 office buildings in six countries; six of them are situated in Poland (myhive Nimbus, Brama Zachodnia, myhive Equator, myhive Park Postępu, myhive Crown Point, or myhive IO-1).


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