IMMOFINANZ occupies office buildings

Park Postępu - office complex
Park Postępu - office complex
IMMOFINANZ rented additional 10 000 sq. m in its own buildings. The majority of contracts were finalized at the turn of the second and third quarters of 2016 and they concern eleven offices included in the investor’s portfolio.

The list of contracts finalized by IMMOFINANZ at the turn of the second and third quarters of 2016 consists of contracts signed with new and foregoing clients, who decided to rent additional areas. The remaining part concerns the extension of the foregoing lease. The recently signed lease contracts are e.g. lease of space by both Neckermann Podróże (900 sq. m) and producer of lighting OSRAM in Equator 1. IMMOFINANZ announced the signage of contracts for jointly 36 000 sq. m of office space in Warsaw from the beginning of the year.


In spite of the increasing offer concerning offices on the capital market related to the commissioning of new areas, we still maintain the high pace of signing contracts in our portfolio. Additionally, this year's results exceed the ones from the previous year, which were also very good. We are especially glad about almost equal setting of signed contracts between new clients and between those who decided to extend their lease – sums up Magdalena Kowalewska, Country Manager Operations of IMMOFINANZ.


The actual tenants of IMMOFINANZ, who decided to rent additional office space, are e.g. Energizer (which specializes in production of batteries, torches, rechargeable batteries and chargers), which signed a contract for more than 800 sq. m in one out of four buildings of the office complex Park Postępu as well as consulting agency 7N, which rented additional 900 sq. m in IO-1. Almost all contracts signed by IMMOFINANZ, which constitute extension of foregoing lease contracts, concern clients of EMPARK Mokotów Business Park.


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