A double celebration

Hans Anders Nilsson, Erik Rydström, Małgorzata Jantos, Artur Jasiński, Magnus Parsson, Akradiusz Rudzki
Hans Anders Nilsson, Erik Rydström, Małgorzata Jantos, Artur Jasiński, Magnus Parsson, Akradiusz Rudzki
Skanska had a double occasion to celebrate in Krakow as the office investment – Axis – as well as the first fragment of Superścieżka were officially opened.

ABB, which is the key tenant in Axis, has already settled into the officially opened building, which was adjusted to the company's needs at the design stage. The success of Axis is not only confirmed by the presence of such a big tenant as ABB but also by the rapid sale of the building to Niam fund.

Moreover, Skanska has opened the first stage of Superścieżka, which is the largest city-forming project in Poland. This special design of public space is located next to Axis. Superscieżka is not only a new road for bicyclists but, most importantly, a place for relaxation, entertainment and social initiatives. It was prepared together with inhabitants of the city, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, architects and developers. The first stage of this undertaking included revitalization of a fragment of area around Axis as well as Skwer Mariana Eilego.

The sculpture “Wierszownik” (“Composing Stick”) designed by Szymon Ruszczewski and Alexander Rokosz was placed in the middle of Skwer Eilego. What is more, the garden square includes a playground for children, fountain, and friendly small architecture. The area between Rondo Mogilskie and Rondo Grzegórzeckie was also designed by the inhabitants during the workshops coordinated by Fundacja Aktywnych Obywateli im. Józefa Dietla (Józef Dietl Foundation of Active Citizens).

The atmosphere of Superścieżka has already been unique at the opening ceremony of the first stage since Skanska has organized many events devoted to this project. The list of attractions includes, for instance, large-format board games, picnic zone, or workshops related to home herbariums.

The engagement in such a unique project reflects our approach to building which is beneficial for local society. We had a double occasion to celebrate today by opening Axis which is adjacent to Superścieżka. These are our two successes in two different fields. On the one hand, people got involved in building of the city, and, on the other hand, it is a business success for us – says Arkadiusz Rudzki, Managing Director of Skanska Property Poland.


Axis: key facts and numbers

  • total leasable space: 20 000 sq. m GLA
  • 174 parking spaces and 102 stands for bicycles
  • certification: LEED Platinum
  • general contractor: Skanska SA
  • author of the architectural design: Artur Jasiński i Wspólnicy Biuro Architektoniczne
  • commercialization: Skanska Property Poland


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