Who Leased 210 000 sq. m Outside Warsaw?

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Mateusz Polkowski, Director of Market Research and Consultancy Department, JLL
The companies from the modern business services sector leased as much as 210 000 sq. m of modern office space outside Warsaw in the first six months of 2017.

The activity of tenants from the business services sector has been thoroughly analyzed by JLL. According to the research, BPO/SSC leased 210 000 sq. m of modern offices outside Warsaw in the first six months of this year, which constitutes 60 per cent of the total demand outside Warsaw. Thereby, the business services sector is the main recipient of office projects outside the capital.

The number of offices leased by the business services sector increases every year. More than 187 000 sq. m were leased within the first six months of 2017 on eight largest regional markets outside Warsaw, whereas taking smaller centers into account – 210 000 sq. m. Krakow was the city with the largest amount of leased space – almost 66 000 sq. m. The record-breaking participation of this sector in demand in Poland was recorded in Łódź, where almost 80 per cent of the demand for offices were generated by BPO/SSC companies. The largest lease contracts were signed by such companies as ATOS – 21 700 sq. m in Business Park Kraszewskiego in Bydgoszcz, Brown Brothers Harriman – 14 700 sq. m in Krakow Orange Office Park or Capgemini – 13 100 sq. m in Business Garden in Wrocław – enumerates Mateusz Polkowski, Director of Market Research and Consultancy Department, JLL.


Leased Space and Participation of Business Services Sector in Lease on Six Main Office Markets Outside Warsaw in First Half-Year of 2017


Space (sq. m) leased by service sector

Participation of service sector in lease


65 800



55 000



33 300



4 500



3 000



23 300


Source: JLL, PORF, 2017


The business services centers occupy 62 per cent of leased office space in Krakow, 50 per cent in Wrocław and 48 per cent in Łódź. For comparison, it is 9 per cent in Warsaw, although we expect some increase in the upcoming years. This is also related to the specifics of the capital where it was common for companies in the past to locate their head offices. In total, the companies from the business services sector occupy over 2 million sq. m in office buildings in Poland – says Mateusz Polkowski.


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