Marine Harvest Central Europe In Argon

Marine Harvest Central Europe in Argon: Office
Marine Harvest Central Europe in Argon: Office
Marine Harvest launches a new office in the Alchemia complex situated in Gdańsk. The headquarters of the European department of the company and the operational center will be placed in Argon.

Marine Harvest is a leader in salmon breeding and processing. The company has just moved into the office situated in the Alchemia complex in Gdańsk. Marine Harvest has leased nearly 2000 sq. m in Argon. The tenant was represented by JLL consulting company during the process of choosing the location.

Norse Move To Tricity

Marine Harvest Central Europe is a department of the Norwegian Marine Harvest Group. The goods are sold on 70 markets. This is one of the largest companies in this industry in the world. Due to dynamic growth of our structures and new challenges for the business, we needed a new headquarters which would emphasize the increasing role of the Polish team in the structures of Marine Harvest; one headquarters with our main business activity and support services center which could favor team building and improve both administrative and decision processes – says Emilia Schomburg, Press Secretary at Marine Harvest Central Europe.

Marine Harvest is the next investor from the Nordic country which develops its business activity in Tricity. The local market tempts the international businesses mainly by offering many great talents. In the case of the Scandinavian capital, the geographical and cultural proximity as well as the reputation in the eyes of the foreign companies are also very attractive factors. What is more, a great asset is the wide availability of modern office buildings, for instance, the Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk – says Marcin Faleńczyk, who supervises the works on the Tricity JLL office.

The team of Marine Harvest in Argon consists of nearly 150 people. Its main goal is managing the markets in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Poland. The company develops the internal operational center in the new office, which provides accounting and IT services for companies of the capital group which is a part of Marine Harvest ASA. There will be over 100 people working in the office.

We’re very satisfied that such a renown and leading company in this industry has decided to launch a new office in Gdańsk Alchemia. We’re convinced that this location and new surroundings will favor further growth on both Polish and foreign markets and the standard of this office will be a determinant of quality for many other projects – says Marcin Piątkowski, Head of Commercialization, Torus.

The contract with the developer, that is Torus, is signed for 5 years. Design Department of Torus was responsible for the arrangement project. The office is designed as a cozy and homely space, which refers to the nature of Scandinavia and uses the most innovative technologies. One of the examples is the conference hall, the glazed walls of which change their translucency by pressing the button in iPad. The office setting is divided into 4 zones: reception, common part with offices, large conference hall in the middle and hot desks as well as two open space parts. What is more, there are relaxation places between certain zones as well as a big kitchen which brings us to the wood, where we may, for instance, swing – says Joanna Olejniczak-Suchecka, Director of Design Department, Torus.  


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