Unusual foundations of a skyscraper in Warsaw.

During the most advanced stage of the works on a 90m high skyscraper two of the cranes will reach 100m of height. To make sure the machines are stable they were attached to the foundations of the building.

5 tower cranes support the building of Plac Unii – a common investment of Leibrecht&Wood and BBI Development NFI.  During the most advanced stage of the works on the 90m high skyscraper the cranes will reach 100m.

A tower crane is one of the largest machines used in the process  of building and thanks to its modular construction it is possible to increase its height along with the increasing height of the building. These machines are to be used for carrying prefabricated elements, concrete and steel around the building yard of Plac Unii.

To make sure the cranes are stable they were 'sunk' into the foundations of Plac Unii and when their work is done, the machines are to be ‘cut off’ just over the level of concrete and the remaining parts of their metal constructions will become a part of foundations.

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