Cisco will invest in Cracow

Swings of world economy can cause another investments in business services in Poland.

One of the largest IT companies - Cisco, informed about its plans of establishment of modern development centre in Cracow. It will support company's activity, and provide services for internal and outside customers. It will range European and African countries as well as Russia and the Middle East - quoted "Rzeczpospolita". According to a daily, Poland can become an interesting location also for companies such as Bayer, Dolby or Bank of New York.

Significance of the East Europe, China or South America in the outsourcing area is increasing. World investors are more often interested in IT business, research-development activities and advanced services based on the knowledge.

Experts subordinate Polish outsourcing success from strength of swings on world markets. The higher the swings, the higher the interest of international corporations in domestic markets. What's more Poland as a market of relatively cheap outsourcing services will become an attractive location. Additionally, companies which are satisfied with cooperation with Polish contractors will increase its range and scale of its activities, subcontracting Polish experts an execution of more advanced projects.

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