Łódź Design Festival

Łódź Design Festival with the mission statement – OD.NOWA – was held at the beginning of October this year.

The 11th edition of Łódź Design Festival was held on 3-8th October. The experts have discussed the issues related to modern design and new arrangements through exhibitions, lectures and discussion panels.

The sponsor, exhibitor and speaker of this event was Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD. The mission statement of the office furniture exhibition created by this company was #back to nature, which perfectly refers to the idea of Łódź Design Festival. On the area of 20 sq. m, MDD presented the collection of Bazalto furniture inspired by nature.

Łódź Design Festival is not only an exhibition. On 7 October, exclusive must have awards were also handed to the winners. MDD was distinguished for the MESH collection by Krystian Kowalewski. The awarded furniture by MDD accompanied exhibitioners, visitors and speakers throughout the whole event. They could be seen on the stage, on which substantial lectures were presented. In the lectures participated experts of MDD. They did speaking on office design which constitutes an important element of employer branding.

Łódź Design Festival is currently the most important event related to international design in Central and Eastern Europe. It presents different interpretations of design: industrial design, art and craft design, graphic design, architecture, or fashion.


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