Ergonomic light in the office


Sunbeam Lamp (pic Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD)
Sunbeam Lamp (pic Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD)
Proper lighting is not only a legal condition but also a matter that has a crucial impact on the comfort of work.

Office ergonomics – one of the most popular concepts in the area of designing work places. On the one hand, it results from increasing awareness of employers when it comes to benefits of providing comfortable work conditions. On the other hand, it is an effect of revolution in arrangement of office areas resulting from e.g. change of work style or struggle with gaining and maintaining a highly qualified personnel. One thing is certain – office ergonomics is a positive phenomenon which is slowly becoming a standard.

Lighting of reception counter (pic Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD)


The matter of creating an ergonomic office depends on many factors: proper setting of work stations, technologies enhancing comfort and proper finishing of interiors. All these elements, however, bring us to one question – it is really important in the codex of office ergonomics to eliminate factors that are burdensome for employees. In this context, the crucial role is played by lighting. Requirements in this field are included in numerous deeds, which specify the required criteria in order to provide the best lighting conditions. Their analysis leads to one conclusion – the best lighting is natural light. In result, office space should be arranged in such a way to use access to natural light as efficiently as possible. Artificial lighting should be provided only when sunlight is not enough. If it is to be used, it should be done with respect of the principles of health and safety at work as well as office ergonomics. It is worth remembering that lighting conditions in the case of e.g. open space are different from those in premises intended for individual work or design offices. For instance, open space for a great number of employees requires the principle of regular setting of lighting, whereas design offices require the spot lighting of a concrete work station. The above examples are only some of many complexities concerning proper lighting.

Office lamp Ellipse (pic Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD)


Measurable benefits

There is little doubt that comfortable lighting conditions are crucial while arranging ergonomic office space. Optimal lighting of your office has a big impact on well-being and health of employees – it does not strain their eyes, it inspires them to think and act, thus contributing to enhancement of work efficiency. In such a lighted room, the discomfort is much smaller than in those with bad illumination. Proper arranged lighting can also serve as an element which exposes a certain detail. For instance, proper exposition of light in reception, which should attract the attention of your employees and simultaneously affect their senses, will catch the eye of customers in proper place and it will emphasize the positive image of your company in the eyes of a potential contractor.

Modern office lamp (pic Fabryka Mebli Biurowych MDD)


Lighting design

Properly selected lamps can constitute a complement when it comes to arrangement of office interiors. There is a broad offer of designer lamps characterized by untypical shape or interesting design. One of the elements of ergonomic office is certainly an optimal lighting, which has a crucial impact on the comfort of work. However, design is also important in modern offices and thus it is crucial to combine ergonomics with original design while arranging them.


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