Santa Claus Visits ASTORIA

ASTORIA Premium Offices organizes a pre-holiday event for both tenants and the Varsovians. It starts at 3 p.m.

This year’s St. Nicholas’ Day starts at 3 p.m. in the arcade of ASTORIA Premium Offices. It is an initiative of STRABAG Real Estate, that is the owner of this office building and the event organizer. Its goal is to integrate the employees of ASTORIA and emphasize the character of this building, which does not only deliver office and commercial space but it also remains open to the local community.

We did not want ASTORIA to be only a working place. According to our assumptions, this investment should be also an attractive public place which invites and involves the Varsovians. Another event organized in the close surroundings of the building confirms that this idea actually works. The fact that we can care about our tenants and, at the same time, introduce a bit of Christmas atmosphere to this lively city center brings us immense satisfaction – says Barbara Harrer, Head of Design, ASTORIA Premium Offices.

Today's St. Nicholas’ Day in ASTORIA will be celebrated with winter snacks such as gingerbreads, roast chestnuts and hot chocolate for the passers-by and the employees. There will be also Christmas decorations and music. 

ASTORIA Premium Office delivers over 18 000 sq. m of office space and 900 sq. m of commercial space. The general contractor is STRABAG Sp. z o.o. Colliers International, an exclusive agent responsible for lease of this office building, takes part in the process of gaining new tenants.


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