Interbiuro Invites For A Premiere Of “You Were Never Really Here”

You Were Never Really Here: Shot Action
Interbiuro and Gutek Film invite for a pre-release of “You were never really here”. The latest movie by Lynne Ramsay will be displayed on April 12, 2018, in Warsaw Muranów cinema.

“You were never really here” is a thriller with an interesting intrigue. It’s based on the novel written by Jonathan Ames. The film raptures with the play of Joaquin Phoenix (lead actor) and the music composed by Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead perfectly completes the image. The movie was awarded in MFF in Cannes for the best masculine role for Joaquin Phoenix and the best script for Lynne Ramsay. According to Indiewire, the latest movie of Lynne Ramsay is a true knock-out. This full of passion and anger thriller will be displayed on April 12, 2018 in Warsaw Muranów cinema at 8 p.m. is a media patron of this event.

“You were never really here” tells a story of a man named Joe (Joaquin Phoenix). He’s taken missions that no private detective had dared to take and the ones that justice system couldn’t have dealt with. He’s gone through a lot and the returning memories make that he would like the whole world to forget about him. When a young woman is kidnapped, Joe’s determined to find her. The searching becomes a chance for him to find himself.

“You were never really here” will be displayed within pre-release movie screenings organized by Interbiuro and Gutek Film that are aimed at experts of the real estate industry. The partners are: Espes – Biurowe Ścianki Działowe, Witkowski – Ściany Przeciwpożarowe, Europtima and Forbo Flooring System. This movie will be announced by Tomasz Raczek, film critic and publicist.



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