Generation Park X: Bilingual Kindergarten

Facility managed by KIDS&Co.
Facility managed by KIDS&Co.
A bilingual kindergarten managed by KIDS&Co. starts its activity in Generation Park X on the first day of school 2018/2019.

The facility launched in Generation Park X may hold up to 70 children. It’s entirely designed in accordance with the stylistic code and the guidelines of KIDS&Co. (all-Polish operator that specializes in managing modern bilingual kindergartens and nurseries located next to office buildings and companies). The operations of this facility are based on three pillars: bilingualism, macrobiotic diet and proprietary program on developing social skills and emotional intelligence.

The kindergarten situated in the office building is a perfect solution for parents who work in large business complexes. However, we’re aware of the fact that close proximity of this facility and place of employment aren’t enough for the parent to choose this particular kindergarten. Just like in case of all our facilities, the convincing offer has to include an attractive learning program, friendly atmosphere and healthy diet for children. Only then may we talk about a win-win situation; employees may easily reconcile their professional and personal lives, employers have a strong HR argument and KIDS&Co. may implement its educational mission as the operator. Our innovative project of kindergartens arouses greater and greater popularity among parents and developers. The facility situated in the recently erected office building carried out by Skanska is already our third such investment in the capital – says Karina Trafna, Chairman of KIDS&Co.

KIDS&Co. kindergartens offer the proprietary program of English language courses consisting in immersing children in the English-speaking environment. They’re in constant contact with a Polish-speaking and English-speaking teacher for the whole stay in the kindergarten. KIDS&Co. puts special emphasis on healthy food habits. All meals are prepared in accordance with the principles of macrobiotics in all facilities.

The Warsaw kindergarten is situated in the Generation Park X office building is one of over 10 facilities managed by KIDS&Co. in entire Poland, including third kindergarten of this operator in the capital (they operate in Warsaw Trade Tower and Warsaw Spire).

A kindergarten nearby office building is a beneficial solution for everyone. The biggest beneficiaries are, of course, children, who are in contact with two languages at the beginning of their pre-school education and, thanks to the special food program, get sick rarely in comparison to their peers. It’s confirmed by our presence statistics. It has a positive impact on attendance of parents at work. The opening of this facility brings many benefits to the developer, who may distinguish himself on the market thanks to the guaranteed unique infrastructure and gain local tenants of office space – says Karina Trafna, KIDS&Co.


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